Intramural sports

Join the fun! Sign-up as a team, or register as an individual and be placed on a team with other individual registrants who love the same sport.

All participants in UBC Intramurals are required to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the intramural rule book. For information on number of players per sport, you can also reference the rule book.


Intramural leagues

Due to ongoing concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), UBC Athletics & Recreation is taking precautionary measures and slowly adding sport opportunities for students, faculty & staff.




Badminton Ladder

On-hold until Sept 2021.


Human Foosball


on hold


8 teams

(6 vs 6 including goalie)

indoor dodgeball, intramurals



on hold


8 teams


Indoor Blitzball League


on hold


6 teams

(4 vs 4)

New registration process in place. Pay close attention to the registration section below for more details.


  1. Each team captain will create a team online (at no cost)
    • Each player, whether a team captain, individual, or a member of a team will “join a team” online and pay $10 per league.
    • Each captain may only create ONE team per league under their name. If a captain creates more than one team, all subsequent teams in that league will be deleted.
    • If a team does not have at least 2 members registered by the end of the registration period, it will be deleted from the league. All remaining team members must join the team prior to their first game of play.
    • If you believe you have registered a team in error, please email to assist you in removing that team from the league
  2. To join a team that has already been created, visit the league online and login in or create an account.
    • You will need the team password, created by the captain, to join an established team.
  3. Limited team spots are available – register early.
  4. Not all leagues have individual teams – see league descriptions for clarification.
    • All individual registrations must be completed in person at the gymnasium.
  5. There are no longer any gender guidelines in any intramural leagues. All leagues are gender inclusive and no league required a certain number of players per team from a particular gender.

Schedules & scores

Access schedules, scores, and standings from active intramural teams.