Nonis Sports Field



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UBC Okanagan’s turf field was donated by the Nonis family and installed in November 2008. It opened for use in spring 2009, and is home to the Heat’s U SPORTS soccer teams. Other sports playable on the surface include football, field hockey and lacrosse.

Nonis Field Schedule – JUNE 2024

Field features


  • Soccer (69m x 100m or 226’ x 328)
  • Football (59.44m x 137m or 195’ x 450’)
  • Field hockey (55m x 91.54m or 180’ x 300’)
  • Lacrosse (54.85m x 100.5m or 180’ x 330’)

Field plan (PDF)


  • Capacity: 200 in bleachers
  • Outdoor Lighting: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Locker Rooms: Four
  • Washrooms: Two (outdoor)

Location & parking

For information on field location, view the UBC Okanagan campus map.

All parking at UBC Okanagan are pay parking lots. The nearest parking lot to the field is B Lot.

Field rentals

When booked at least seven days prior

  • Fall/Spring: Times after 4:00pm may require field lights and have an additional charge of $5 per hour.
  • Summer: Times after 8:00pm may require field lights and have an additional charge of $5 per hour.
  • Bookings that do not pay their final payment by the indicated deadline may be treated as a late booking and higher fees will apply.
  • All groups must be pre-booked.
  • Casual drop-in (only a few people) or daytime use by UBC students or staff is permitted when no other groups are using the field. Non-UBC Okanagan users are not permitted on the field without a rental permit.

All groups must be pre-booked and provide payment/insurance prior to field use. Certificate of Insurance terms can be viewed on the UBCO Liability Terms (PDF).

Rates apply to customer accounts in good standing. Customer accounts not in good standing will be unable to hold space until payment is received. All indicated change, cancellation, and late booking fees will be applicable.

Taxes are additional.

Use of UBC Recreation facility indoor change rooms and washrooms, even if open during field times, are not available unless booked at an additional cost.

Book Nonis Sports Field

For information on booking the Nonis Field, email


Field RULEs

General field rules

The field is monitored. Failure to follow the above rules may result in loss of use for the group booked on the field and possible fines/charges.

  • No food, beverages (other than water), or gum are allowed on the turf (within the fenced area).
  • No dogs are allowed on the turf (within the fenced area).
  • No smoking permitted on campus, except in designated gazebos.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in UBC Recreation facility areas at any time.
  • No metal cleats.
  • No items may be spiked/pressed into field (e.g. tent stakes, corner flags, etc.). Tents should not go on the field unless previously approved and appropriate tie down arrangements have been discussed.
  • Participants/spectators must not access field area (fenced area) prior to the start of the booking time and must be out of the fenced area by the end of the booking time. The booking user is responsible for any user within the fenced area during their time as well as for their spectator conduct and spectator area cleanliness.
  • Nets must be stored off play area in their appropriate spots.
  • Lights will come on a few minutes prior to contracted times for pre-booked times that require the use of lighting. Lights go off 10 minutes following the end of a contracted time.
  • In the event of an injury/incident wherein bodily fluids are on the field the activity must stop and the user is required to remove any containments and clean the area using soap and water. Any wounds must be treated/cleaned immediately.
  • The renter must provide for their own first aid and coverage and must ensure that their onsite representative is aware of UBCO’s Emergency procedures FieldBookingHandout-July2 2023 as well as any field use rules, prior to using the field.

Field special weather conditions use policy

For all weather event conditions:

  • The coach/organizer is responsible for ascertaining that the field conditions are safe and appropriate for the level of intended use – field conditions may not always be suitable for fast/hard play, especially during winter, extreme heat or smoke conditions or during early season.
  • If you are not able to use the field due to weather, make sure you advise the Facility Coordinator immediately.
  • If you are using the field when lights are required and end your use early, advise the gym desk staff (250 807 9200) so that they may manually shut the field lights off.
  • Enter the field from the unlocked field gates. Do not climb over the fence.

Winter conditions and snow removal

Snow will not be removed from the field until mid/late February.

  • Do not use the field (or areas of field if other areas are good) whenever the lines are not visible due to snow or frost coverage. When snow is forecasted, move field goals to the back fence areas following use.
  • Stay off the field when there is snow on it as any disruption of the smooth snow surface may cause problems (uneven surface) for snow removal attempts

Rain and thunder

  • During times when thunder/lightning may occur it is the responsibility of the booking to safeguard their participants. The general rule of thumb is play should stop and players should leave the field when the “flash-to-bang” (when you see lightning and then hear it) count is 30 seconds or less. Just because it’s not raining or you can’t see lightning it doesn’t mean there’s no danger so play it safe and “when thunder roars, go indoors”.  Players should go inside a building or, if unable to do so, to cars (be inside and grounded with doors/windows closed). Do not stand near the light standards, poles, player areas, bleachers, etc. Outdoor activity should not resume until 30 minutes following the last thunder.
  • Watch for weather alerts in your area or go to Environment Canada’s lightning danger map

Heat and air quality conditions

  • When summer temperatures increase, be aware of the possibility of heat illness and watch for signs of it in yourself and other players. Stay hydrated, take breaks and be prepared to reduce your level of play or even abandon your use. If you do not use your time, advise the Facility Coordinator immediately and we will provide a future credit for any time conditions are not within normal acceptable levels of use.
  • Be aware of the current Air Quality for the valley to insure you/your group are able to comfortably use the field. Advise if you wish to cancel due to high ratings.

Group use

All groups must be pre-booked and have a permit in place. Lights will not be turned on for drop-in users. The light schedule is on the field schedule.

Individual UBC Okanagan student and staff drop-in use

Casual drop-in: Use by a few UBC Okanagan students/staff is permitted when no other groups are using the field. Non-UBC Okanagan users are required to pay a drop-in fee at the Customer Service desk and complete a drop-in waiver prior to using the field. Drop-in fees and waivers are also required for any non-UBC Okanagan student participants during UBC Okanagan club usage.

Live Field Conditions

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