Get Active

Get Active Any way, Anywhere, Anytime! Have fun and enjoy being physically active while participating in low barrier activities suitable for all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels

Virtual Offerings

Being active from home made easier with our virtual activity options designed to keep you excited about physical activity year round!

Start-up Workout Program

Workout & Yoga Videos

Movement Breaks

Learn to Run Program

Random Acts of Exercise


On Campus & In Kelowna

Check out the local in-person options available in Kelowna! Covid protocols are in place to ensure a fun, safe environment for all.


Open Gym


Hangar Fitness Centre

Movement breaks

Meet the Move U Crew

The Move U Crew provides support and services to help our campus community to move more and reduce sedentary behaviors. They do this through leading guided wellbeing walks, implementing movement breaks in classrooms and meetings, coordinating physical activity challenges and leading the Get Active 101 program.

  • Campus Walks
  • Get Active 101
  • Hiking Series
  • Movement Breaks


ABI - Move U Crew

Hey! My name is Abi and this is my first year being a part of the Move U Crew but I have been working at the UBCO gym for the past two years. I am in my third year of Human Kinetics and continue to work in Athletics and Recreation because I am passionate about promoting a healthy community and reducing health inequities. A big part of my life is playing on the UBCO Women’s Volleyball team and when I am not in the gym I also love biking!



SARAH - Move U Crew

Hi, my name is Sarah, and this is my second year being a part of the Move U Crew! I am super excited to help people achieve their fitness goals and break their physical activity barriers. I am in my fourth of Human Kinetics and after getting my bachelors, I am planning to complete my masters of Occupational Therapy. To stay physically active I love running, hiking, going to the gym, snowboarding at Big White and playing recreational sports such as soccer!



PREE - Move U Crew

Hi, my name is Preeyansh, you can call me Pree. I am a second year Manufacturing Engineering student. This is my first year of collaborating with the Move U Crew and I am super excited to help out people who need some motivation to get into an active lifestyle and make the most out of it. I also love running and playing soccer, I have recently started hiking and discovering great hikes around Kelowna has been super fun for me.


ANA - Move U Crew

Hello! My name is Ana and I’m from Mexico. I’m a 5th year Human Kinetics student minoring in Psychology. This is my first year as a Move U Crew member and I’m very excited! I took this position because I want to help students stay physically active and overcome barriers that they might face. To stay physically active I try taking the stairs, walking or running, going to the gym and swimming.


NUFAR - Movement Breaks Coordinator

Hi my name is Nufar and I am a 4th year Human Kinetics student minoring in psychology. In my space time, I enjoy volunteering, coaching and spending time outdoors with my puppy.

Move U Crew Programs and Events

Get Active 101

A group jumping in the air with excited expressions.

If you are new to activity, don’t know how to start, or would like a friend to workout with, Get Active 101 is for you! Get Active 101 brings students who are new to exercise and partners them up with a Move U Crew student to ensure that they have the support to reach their physical activity goals.  Participants will be introduced to strategies to be more physically active in their daily life, learn ways to improve wellbeing through movement, participate in group fitness classes, attend workshops on starting at the gym, campus walks and more! All ability and fitness levels are encouraged to participate.

Learn more



Campus Walks


Students walking on campus enjoying a bluebird day.

Join the Move U Crew for themed walks on campus this semester bi-weekly on Wednesdays!

Spring Dates Announced in 2023

Why Get Active

Regular movement and physical activity contributes to our overall wellbeing. Regular physical activity boosts your physical health, your mental and emotional health, and your social health.

Benefits of physical activity:

  • Reduces sensitivity to stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improves learning and mental performance
  • Fosters self-acceptance
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves social wellbeing
  • Helps to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Positive way to spend time with friends and family
  • Great way to have fun!

How to Get Active

How to integrate activity into your day

Choose activities you enjoy

Try different activities until you find the one that is right for you.

Schedule your exercise

Treat it like an appointment and write it down in your calendar.

Make it social

Making plans with a friend can keep you more accountable.

Use Active Transportation

Walk, bike or run instead of using transit or a car.

Join a team

Check out Intramurals or events for a great way to make friends.

Set realistic goals

Consider how active you are and set yourself up for success.

Barriers to fitness and solutions

No time

Identify a few 30 minute time slots in your calendar and book them off for physical activity. Or, try implementing exercise snacks into your day. Learn more.

No one to go with

Develop new friendships with physically active people. Join a club!

So tired after school/work

Schedule physical activity when you feel most energetic.

Too much on the To-Do list

Plan ahead – make an appointment on the calendar and keep the appointment with yourself.

Don’t know how to exercise

Try this start-up workout program to familiarize yourself with fundamental exercises, proper form, and gym equipment.