Movement Breaks

Request a movement break for your class, meeting or event with the Move U Crew!

About Movement Breaks


Physical activity improves overall health and wellbeing and is beneficial for professional and academic success. Movement breaks are a fun way to incorporate physical activity throughout the day to break up extended periods of sitting. Physical activity also helps alleviate stress, improves mood and increases energy! Movement breaks have been shown through past research by Dr. Sally Stewart to help students feel more connected to their professor, increase students’ motivation learn, and increase students’ focus and classroom engagement1. To help increase your physical activity on campus, the Move U Crew will lead movement breaks for events, classes and meetings in person.


Learn more about Dr. Sally Stewart’s Research and Wellbeing in the Classroom.



How It Works

  1. Fill out the Movement Breaks online request form.
  2. Move U Crew will confirm the date and time of your class, meeting or event with you.
  3. At your class, meeting or event the Move U Crew will come and lead a live Movement Break in person.


Movement Break Examples

  • Light stretch break (e.g., shoulder rolls)
  • Aerobic break (e.g., high knees, jumping jacks)
  • Dance break


Request a Movement Break

Request a Movement Break with our Move U Crew by filling out our  online request form

Frequently Asked Questions

For more questions about movement breaks, please email the Move U Crew at:


How can I request a movement break?


How far in advance do I need to request a movement break?

  • You will need to request a movement break at least 7 days in advance.


Who can request movement breaks?

  • All UBCO faculty, staff and students.


How long are movement breaks?

  • Movement breaks are approximately 5-10 minutes and are led by the Move U Crew.


Do you provide any accommodations for movement breaks?

  • Yes, we provide movement breaks for all abilities. You can indicate the need for an accommodation on our online request form.


What are movement breaks for?

  • Movement breaks help break up long periods of sedentary time (e.g., sitting) and promote wellbeing in classrooms and meetings.


What type of movement breaks can I request?

  • You can request any type of movement break whether that be a light stretch, aerobic break or dance inspired movement break. The Move U Crew can lead any type of movement break as requested.


Have Your Department Sign onto the UBC Wellbeing Breaks Initiative


  • Enroll your department’s faculty and staff to sign onto the UBC Wellbeing Breaks policy where your department will commit to providing a wellbeing break for every 50 minutes of sitting.
  • Example: For a one-hour class, a faculty member will provide a 10-minute break in the middle of class to allow students to move around, get a healthy snack or a mindful break.
  • For more information or to sign onto the policy contact Brianna Tsui, UBCO Physical Activity and Wellbeing Coordinator, at

1. Stewart, S., Eikenaar, J. and Hall, M. (2021). TEACHERS Project Toolkit, UBC Wellbeing website