Personal training

Are you looking to start using the weight room or shape up your old fitness routine? UBC Recreation personal trainers would love to help. You will be matched with a trainer that fits your personal goals and abilities, given an orientation of the fitness facilities and have a personal fitness program developed just for you

Complimentary Hangar Fitness Centre orientation

New to fitness, new to campus, or just looking for some guidance? Sign up for a free fitness centre orientation today.

  • Meet with an experienced and educated staff member who will show you what to expect of your fitness routine at The Hangar including the functionality of the equipment and basic gym etiquette.
  • Orientations will be approximately 30 minutes in length.
  • Sign up for an orientation and someone will be in touch with you within three business days.

Orientations are intended to show users the equipment, how to generally use it, and to answer basic questions about the facility. Orientations should not be used for those looking for guidance on specific exercises or fitness routines. If this is what you’re looking for, refer to our personal training options.

Hangar orientation

Start-up package

Everyone looking to participate in personal training should start here. A start-up package gives you a great opportunity to meet with one of our trainers, discuss your goals and intentions and ensure that together you discuss and decide on the package or plan that is best suited for you.

  • $75 start-up fee includes an initial interview, goal setting, fitness assessment, and two personal training sessions.

To get started with personal training, purchase a start-up package in person at the gym or online. After purchase, someone will be in touch with you within three business days to set up your first meeting with a trainer.

You do not receive a training plan at the end of a start-up package; this is merely an orientation and introduction package. If you would like to receive a personal plan or meet with a trainer on an on-going bases, discuss these options with your trainer during your start-up package.

PURCHASE a start-up

4-8 week packages (Workout plan + sessions)

Personalized training packages give you the best blend of guidance from your trainer as well as giving you the tools to be successful on your own. This option allows you to receive a four, six, or eight week training plan that fits your personal goals, needs, and fitness level as well as one, weekly training session with your trainer along the way.

The weekly sessions with your trainer throughout the package will help ensure you’re staying on track, continuing to execute your exercise properly, and give you the guidance to increase your goals or reps—or even just help mix up the routine—all to help reach or exceed the original goals you set for yourself.

  • Four week personalized plan and four personal training sessions for $165.
  • Six week personalized plan and six personal training sessions for $245.
  • Eight week personalized plan and eight personal training sessions for $325.


4-8 week plan (workout plan only)

Do you feel confident about executing a plan without ongoing support from a trainer? Then this option is for you. After your start-up package—where you’ll be originally oriented with a trainer and discuss your goals and intentions—you can purchase a personalized plan. A trainer will then meet to discuss your plan—if you didn’t cover this during start-up—and then you will receive a four, six, or eight week personalized plan that you will execute on your own. The plans come with one or two sessions for demonstration with your trainer, as noted below.

  • Four week personalized plan (includes one session for exercise demonstration) for $80.
  • Six week personalized plan (includes one session for exercise demonstration) for $105.
  • Eight week personalized plan (includes two sessions for exercise demonstration) for $160.


Single sessions

Looking for new ideas to switch up your training routine? Can’t be motivated to make it to the gym without a trainer waiting for you to arrive? Not sure how to work out on your own or just need someone there to motivate you through your workout? Then purchasing single training sessions is the option for you. There will be no on-going plan given with this option; rather, this allows you to have a trainer present throughout your workout for as many sessions as you see fit.

  • One to nine sessions: $30 per session
  • Ten sessions: $270—buy nine sessions and get one free

Interested in training with your buddy? We offer partner training sessions upon request. Speak with someone in recreation for details.


Missed session policy

If you are unable to make a scheduled session with your Personal Trainer, notify your trainer directly or call the Recreation Customer Service Desk at 250 807 9200 at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session. If you do not notify either your trainer or UBC Recreation at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session, you will be charged for the scheduled session.

Training staff

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