Hack & Whack 2019

Event Details

Join your fellow University staff and faculty for a day of birdies, bogies, and fun! Beginners welcome.

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time: Tee times will be 8 minutes apart, starting between 1:28 p.m. and 3:20 p.m. Be sure that all team members are able to be on the tee box, ready to golf at the selected tee time (arriving 15 minutes in advance of your tee time is recommended).

Location: Kelowna Springs Golf Club – Kelowna Springs is a full 9 hole course.

Tournament format

This year’s event will be more flexible – golf when you want, eat when you want, and play how you want. Please decide as a group which tournament format you would like to play before you start. Here are a couple format ideas:

Two player alternate shot

Basic details of alternate shot play:

  • Player A and Player B as a two-player team for the entire round with one ball
  • Player A hits the opening tee shot
  • Both Player A and Player B advance to where Player A’s tee shot landed, Player B plays that same ball from that location
  • The third shot is played by Player A, and so on until the ball is putted into the hole
  • Players also alternate who takes the tee shot. Since Player A teed off on the first hole, Player B takes the tee shot on the second hole
  • Players continue to alternate shots within each hole and alternate tee shots from hole to hole until the round is complete

Best ball/scramble

Everyone tees off, team then chooses which shot is the ‘best’ and all players play their next shots from that location. Everyone shoots from that one location and again, your team selects the ‘best’ shot. Play continues in this fashion until you have completed the hole. Every hole is played the same way. You can choose to select a certain number of drivers from each team member (e.g. two drives from every player).

Standard golf game

Each player plays their own ball throughout the 9 holes.

Registration options

“Individual” registration is $55. This includes golf and a $20 food and beverage voucher to use as you please, where you please, and when you please.

While each golfer will register and pay individually, please be sure to select the same tee time as those you wish to golf with to ensure groups are assigned properly. To select your team, speak with your colleagues in advance, and ensure you all register for the same team time. Tee times are first come, first serve. Please be on the first tee-box ready to go for your tee time.

Note: There is a processing fee for all online transactions. If you wish to avoid the processing fee, please visit the Recreation Customer Service Desk in person.

Registration coming soon.

Equipment: Clubs, power carts, and pull carts

Reserve all club rentals as a part of your individual or team registration

  • Equipment and golf balls are not provided as a part of your registration fee.
  • Golf clubs are available for rent. You can reserve them through our registration form. The rental fee is not included in the participation fee. You may pay in person, on arrival at Kelowna Springs. Club rental is $25 for nine holes.
  • Power carts are available, however, they may not be reserved in advance. All power carts are first come, first serve at the course. Cart rental is $12 per person (+tx) is not included in the participation fee. You may pay, on arrival at Kelowna Springs. Kelowna Springs is a flat, easily walkable course.